We have a home!

Well, hello out there.

Melbourne huh? Its still crazy to think about the fact that I’m over here. Even more now that its been nearly three months. I haven’t had time to just sit down and write for awhile so I apologise for that. A lot of the things I’ve gotten up to will probably be missed in this post. Just for the sake of not overwhelming anyone with a ten page essay.

I don’t recall if Sam was over here when I last wrote something. But he is now, and has been for about a month and a half. Two weeks ago we moved into our first Melbourne apartment. A small, one bedroom set up in an old Victorian building. Its lovely, though it has its quirks that mean we probably won’t stay here after our first twelve months is up. One of the windows doesn’t open and none of them have flyscreens so mosquitoes and other assorted bugs have free rein in terms of also making the apartment their home.

We’re also not allowed to have our sweet Evvie here. Jeff has kindly taken her in for awhile and we’ve been assured she’s settling in quite well. Even with the existing resident cat Nuggets. They’re not best friends but she’s tolerant. I miss her every day, and just want her soft, warm snuggles. Her affectionate, talkative self is hard to live without.

Its nice having a smaller home, though we still have boxes and stuff to get rid of from moving in. That’ll take another few weeks to conquer I expect. But we’ve already set up a warm, comfortable retreat from the realities of a bustling city. Coming home feels wonderful. Especially after the stressors of public transport and working, still, in a very customer service environment.

I’ve gone through some pretty big changes personally, too. I’m a lot more assertive, less inclined to allow others to stand on me for their own gains. I’ve cut ties with toxic relationships that have caused me pain and heart ache. None of which were easy to do and I still feel a sense of guilt about some of them. But recognising that guilt is a result of the toxicity and how bad the relationship was for me allows me to set it aside.

It feels good.

Instead, I am surrounding myself with people who like the same things as me, who are excited about what excites me. I’m running D&D for eight people every Thursday night and already feel like these people are going to be good friends. Their creativity, energy and excitement is inspiring and pushes me to want to be more so myself. I’m excited to share some of the things that have already been created for it, as soon as I have permission to do so at least.

Have we done anything exciting? Well, no. We were going to go to the National Gallery of Victoria today but I’ve injured my knee so I’m sitting at home. Its actually kind of nice just to have a day where nothing is really demanding my attention. Apart from the ever present need to GO somewhere to do laundry. When we finally get a washer/dryer I’ll be very happy. Not needing to take so much time out of a day and spend so much money to wash my clothes is something I had taken for granted.

How do I know Melbourne is settling in on me?

My life feels less like an adventure with each passing day, and much more mundane.

Is this good? Yes. But also no. I would like to feel enthusiastic about my life and I know that pushing boundaries is needed or I’ll just fall into comfortable habits again.