Happy New Year… right?

Hi All,

This last week or so has just been an absolute blur. The only days off that I’ve had have been Christmas Day and today (NY day) and I’m really just ready for a five day week + weekend routine. And I’m really just ready for Sam to be here, as well. That’s only a few days away. I’M pretty excited, but there’s still a lot of things to get done back at home so Sam is really feeling the pressure now.

Saturday morning I went to see the first rental we’ve considered. So many people turned up for a tiny, one bedroom unit! I mean, its really small. The kind of place you really only consider sleeping, showering and snacking in. You can imagine my surprise then to see that there were couples there with children. Not just young children, either. But young teens. I don’t know how they thought they’d fit in such a small space.

I was also dismayed to find that it was mostly falling apart, and the foyer for the apartments was huge, echoey and looked like an old, white-washed jail. Really made the whole place seem depressing and unfit for healthy mental frame of minds. I noped out of there pretty quickly, disappointed in my first Melbourne rentals experience. I’ve got another three this week, and six the week after. So hopefully they fare better.

Although today was NY day, I was up bright and early. After a few hours of light reading, I bundled myself together and went into Richmond. Its a pretty nice suburb, as city suburbs go. I had a delicious breakfast and a coffee, then pottered on down to Coles. While my laundry was washed and dried. It was a long way to go to do washing, but nothing else was open! At least no laundrette that I was able to find. And this place was one I’d gone to before, and quite liked. I was happy to go a bit further for it. Plus you pay for your machine through Paypal, so no annoying $1 coins needed.

Its a pretty mild, pleasant sort of a day. I mooched on the couch after I got home. Watched a few shows, including Star Trek: Voyager, until there was nothing else really on to grab me. Fed and played with the owner’s dog for a bit as well, after getting home. I was going to go for a walk, but the injury on my foot after I slipped the other day reopened this morning and its sore and weeping again. I really thought it’d be ok enough to wear my sandals again, but apparently not!

Actually, the last week or so has been pretty mild and pleasant. We had a bit of rain last week, and a hot day or two recently as well but overall its been a pretty nice way for Melbourne weather to ease me into living here. I am reassured daily at the Heat and Chill in Melbourne are going to be nothing like what I’ve experienced before. While I won’t dismiss it out of hand, I find it mildly amusing. Its almost like the city has gotten so multicultural that all born and bred Melbournians just tell EVERYONE that’s new the weather will be a shock. The only thing that’s shocked me so far is that, compared to Perth, the humidity can be a real beast of a thing. Disgusting, sweaty, cloying.

I am finding myself quite settled. Confident. Comfortable. My days are engaging, the work interesting and my nights are not filled with mindless consumption of TV and mass media. I feel creative, though how I intend to invest that energy has so far eluded me. I hope to begin some kind of Project soon. I’ve had glimmerings of ideas, but nothing concrete in mind just yet. Watch this space, I guess. I also haven’t gone out adventuring with my camera. At all. This surprises me, really. Maybe I’ll do that next weekend. Explore with Sam, perhaps. Perhaps.

Love you all, and I hope that this year will be filled with joy and happiness.