One week in… and loving it!

Well met,

Allow me to welcome you to Ilmen ar Ceurë; our place of light and renewal. We leave behind Dôr Annûn the land of sunsets as Sam and I move forward into our next decade together as a family. We’ve added a fur baby, since we married. Evvie is as much a part of our hearts and our lives as any one could ever hope for in a companion. In this first week here my heart has ached, the love and laughter of my home in WA seems so very far away. No warm, purring ball of fur nestled against my leg. No strong arms to hold me close as I sleep.

I have spoken with Sam daily, and Evvie whenever she comes meowing into the room. Its never quite the same though, is it? Hearing someone’s voice and knowing that many miles separate you. Two time zones apart. Sam and I have been each other’s strength and support for so long. The hardest thing I’ve had to come to terms with has been not knowing when I’ll see him again. When I’ll feel Evvie’s soft fur beneath my hand, and gentle head butting as she comes to cuddle with me.

This week hasn’t been terrible. Far from it. Melbourne is shaping up to be the adventure I was expecting so far. I’ve done a few interesting things already. I’d never been on a tram before, for instance (Note, not actually that interesting), and today I ordered Uber Eats for the first time. Granted I haven’t been as adventurous as some might like, there’s not as much to report other than “I wake up, I get on a tram and go to work, then come home and sleep” for about five days.

Amongst all that however, I can confirm that I do enjoy my new job. I like the work that I’ve been doing so far, and the people that I work with. I’m really looking forward to the next few years working with this company. As to the particulars of the job itself, I don’t know that I’ve got anything of any real interest to report. It is still my first week that we’re talking about after all.

This post is mostly to say that yes, I am alive. Yes, I am enjoying myself. Taking care of myself. I’ve had days where things have been hard, and I’ve wondered what the hell I’m doing. But these are outweighed by my sense that we’re heading in the right direction. That this will be a positive thing for Sam and I.

So, today.

I went for a walk around the entirety of Albert Park in St. Kilda. It was a good day for a walk. There was sunshine, but enough cloud cover to keep the air temperature comfortable. And when it got too bright, Albert Park conveniently obliged with lovely, green shady trees to rest under. There was people playing cricket, soccer, football, cycling, playing with their dogs and participating in competitive frisbee. This last one was a bit of a surprise! So I took a video of one of the games to share.

I also took a selfie, to show that I AM doing well, for anyone who is worried about me. Plus a bunch of photos, because I promised Sam photos every day and so far I haven’t delivered. I’ve tried to cover multiple bases, so there’s the city skyline, a beautiful old building and parks as well as some pretty awesome graffiti.

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The photos above are all from Albert Park, which is the extent of my exploration so far I’m afraid. I was still pretty shattered from flying over and working so hard this past week. So I mostly rested yesterday and today.


And as promised, this is me for those of you who’re interested. I’m pretty tired here, and have just walked a pretty long way so I do look like I just want a nap!

Love to you all,
– Cass