One of those months when your magic 8Ball only says “ask again later”.

Chaos? Chaos.

Right now things feel so uncertain that any ability to lay down plans for the future would be met with cries of “witchcraft!” and be persecuted for soothsaying.

So, right now, Anna’s roughly 1/3rd moved in, which is good. Boat sold. Also good, but a damn shame, as I’m unlikely to find a motor in that good condition for a long time. Packing is going well – doubly so actually, since I moved my computer into my new-old bedroom, my large desk in the other room now has space to be a dedicated packing platform.

Keto diet is going… iffy. Digestive system isn’t agreeing with it, and is getting, erm, messy, in response. Or maybe it just doesn’t like food in general, since I’m also feeding it sugarfree energy drinks. Some results though. More research needed to confirm that I’m not actually doing the wrong thing, here.

Still applying for jobs, but currently hoping for either a) the high-stress, high-hours, high-paying job in Darwin, or b) a VR developer position in Melbourne.

Went diving for abalone with Sab yesterday, which was totally awesome. It was overcast but the water was definitely clear enough for it to not be an issue. It was gorgeous, and we caught a decent feed. When we went to cook it I did my usual show of utter incompetence to mask the only mild incompetence I have as a chef, but it turned out okay. I used the remaining uncooked grated garlic (of which there was a lot) and fried up a dipping sauce for the abalone. Worked well; I used the remainder on my surprisingly boring mince & bacon mixture for my main meals. Will be making more – keto meals definitely need jazzing up.

How am I? Yeah. Missing Cass like hell, as expected. Severing my ties to material items is going okay. Every thing that’s discarded to friends or gumtree or the bin is a small step forward. Gotta keep looking forward. There’s so much to go… but it will feel amazing on the other side.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the days count more. They’re longer. This weekend has felt a week long. Time flies when you’re having fun, but right now I’m doing a bunch of stuff I never ever wanted to do AND waiting for some really awesome stuff to magically appear… and you know what waiting does to time. A watched kettle never boils… which I guess gives an observer localised macro control over air pressure? What a superpower that would be. Or maybe there’s some direct connection between boil duration and heat transfer… the eyes have freeze-time-rays ?

It was 37.C today and we were moving stuff. I am TOTALLY going snorkeling tomorrow. Aw yiss.

Photo for today: I was napping on the couch. Evvie came up and placed her paw in my hand, and promptly fell asleep beside me.