Melbourne… isn’t all that different, really

I recently accepted a job interstate and had about a week to prepare and move over before starting the following week; i.e. tomorrow. So here I am, suddenly living in Melbourne and couch-surfing until Sam and Evvie can come across. The weather I left behind was sunny and warm. This weekend in Victoria has been heavy rains and flooding. What a welcome mat to put out!

Last week I made a point of visiting family where I could, before flying out on Friday night. Its Sunday evening now and I’m still struggling with the three hour time difference. It might be different if I was going the other way, it being later rather than earlier. But its harder to get up when your body thinks its 4am, not 7am or go to sleep because your inner clock is convinced its only 7pm.

Saturday was spent trying to stay awake as best I could. Went to the Melbourne markets to grab some fruit to eat. My stomach was upset after the airport food. I didn’t want to be tasting the many delights of the Melbourne food scene that have been promised if I can’t enjoy it. Staying with a friend at the moment and he took me for a whirlwind tour of the city. I say whirlwind, I’m usually pretty good at understanding where I am in relation to other places but I was mostly lost. Not having a point of reference to work from its going to mean a lot of home base exploration on foot I think, slowly build up a mental map in my head.

I’ve discussed with Sam the idea of a synchro-walk (his words); after I finish work where we both go for a walk at the same time and chit-chat on the phone. We’ve also agreed that on Sundays we each tell the other what our plans are for the week ahead, discuss how we went achieving the one’s from the week before and make suggestions to each other than push comfort zone levels. Especially for me, being so far from most of my support network.

The walks will be good for making sure I know the area I’m living in right now at least, though given the fluidity of my living conditions over the next two months or so I’m more interested in seeking out important landmarks I’ll want to visit regularly. There’s a few markets I want to check out, see which one suits me best. And I want to find quiet spaces, gardens and the like.

So after getting up at 11am Melbourne time (still on Perth time, clearly) I showered and stepped out for the first explore. I walked around until I found a Woolworths and done a little bit of grocery shopping. On the way back I stopped at a Ramen shop to grab a treat for lunch. Agedashi Tofu and Chicken Karaage Curry with Rice. Not bad, and already much cheaper than Perth’s offerings. It tasted better than any I’ve had in Perth, too. Though I’ve been told there are better options out there than the place I went to. It might explain why it was the quietest store there, but as everywhere else was so packed I couldn’t even get in the door I decided to give it a go.

The rest of today has been spent relaxing and enjoying myself, before starting work tomorrow. I’m excited about it, but also nervous and a little worried about how tired I’ll be by the end of it. I’m hopeful that it will be enjoyable enough that I won’t feel the tired until later after I get home, which is the best time to be tired.

Nothing else to report, things are mundane and unexciting, really. When you consider how monumental the step is that I’ve taken you’d expect me to be brimming over with news and interesting things. But its just…. life, really. I guess, there’s nothing really worth noting about it.

Missing Sam and Evvie a whole heck of a lot. I wish they were both over here already and we were all settling in to our new life together as one big happy family.